Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fishing Village @ Beserah 16 October 2010

After reading some write up on Chit Lip Salted Fish Processing Centre and water buffalo at Beserah Beach, we decided to check it out.

Packing of salted fishes at Chit Lip. From this guy, we learnt that the water buffalo has ceased to exist. It has been replaced with lorry more than a year ago. Right- shark fins and some bones cartilage.

Left- Our outing gang. Right- The old uncle chose to remain silent while doing his work. He won't answer to any of our queries.

En darted to the sea the moment she saw it. She is completely in love with the sea and sand.

We founds a lot of dead crabs. Left- a horsecrab shell.

Head to Jalan Beserah. Turn left before the Mobil station. Go straight. Beserah Fishing Village is right after the bridge.

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Jack Ng said...

Well, I want to say there is nothing much here, but then, we saw how the fishes are laid to dry, where they are laid, how some ladies clean the fish, the smell of it, we saw shark's fin, shark's bone cartilage, we saw a lot of dead crabs on this particular stretch of beach and etc..

I can say there is nothing much here, but then I can also say there are a lot of things here. Because is so easy to discount all those little bits of scenery, bits of smell, bits of conversations, bits of information, and bits of a lot of things as being trivial and not your spectacular tourist spot that one would expect . I thought, however, the aggregate of all those things that this place or any place has to offer, which were then exposed to 5 little minds that day, something happened. I'd like to think, some more brain neurons have been formed and connection made, store somewhere in the brain, waiting for it to be tap.

Ain't it?

And by the way, I did not like the shark's fin bit. Did not touch the soup for quite some time already.