Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cut and Paste Craft 5 October 2010

Tuesday - En's craft for the night. She came to me and said,  ' I did it all by myself' , with a grin. This is the good part.
Well, the not-so-good part was, I asked, doubtingly "You made it yourself ? Let me ask dad " (knowing dad was with her in the room)  Instantly, I knew I have said something so wrong. En kept quiet and walked away.  

We need to believe our child. Even at a very tail end, he/she will be sure to grow up to be an outstanding man/woman".   When we make a mistake, our children is so gentle with us. Do we also respond the same way to our children when they make a mistake?

Even if everyone were to belittle or scoff at my child, I will, as her parent, always sing her praises, embrace her and appreciate her! I have to be forever proud of the precious life that I have created! Such is a love so clear and simple, without a trace of impurity. No matter the price, regardless of the returns, this love is unchanging, never-ending and unconditional - Zhou Hong.

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Jack Ng said...

I thought En did great art. No kidding. I was with here when she did these two. Pretty cool stuff.

Yesterday, however, Hui turned a notch up with a plate of "zaru soba" art. I thought that was very good. With glue, ribbon, a paper plate, and a pc of small paper.

Great art. Didn;t know that our home is producing budding artist.