Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fresh air, trees, sand & sea @Ruby Resort, Cherating 15 October 2010

Friday 5pm
" I AM HOME! " this is how I feel each time I step foot at Ruby's Resort. Waking up by the sound of the cock crow and opening the door to trees, fresh cooling air, greeted by geese, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats .. ooh .. kids feeding the animals.. walk to the beach. It's simply marvellous.
Watching sunrise while playing sand but it was cloudy, En said. Right- She is "Harmon Isa", whom En met at the resort.  They click the moment they met. Lovely.

Braving the rough waves. Right- Pet Stout and Princess, Ruby's dogs. En is braver this time around.
She prefer cats more.

Catching crabs, hermit crabs and clam. After all these, I left for city with heavy heart.

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Jack Ng said...

There is 1 of the 2 things that I'd do in the dawn in Ruby's resort, after I get out from the chalet:

1. Lie on the hammock and listen with my eyes close, the sound of rooster, geese, birds, and waves.


2. Head to the beach, walking the shore while listening to the waves, and hoping to catch sunrise.

While doing these, En or Hui will bounce along, and is hard to find something better than this.

The beach is clean, the sea is clean (not crystal blue water) but is free of styrofoams, plastic bottles, and smell. We caught 3 species of crab and hermit crabs this time. The sand is great. EnHui love it. And the atmosphere is great for children,

Shannon made the correct decision to visit before the monsoon strikes. After the monsoon, we plan to come here again. This place really works for us.