Saturday, October 9, 2010

ICCA Wedding Cake Competition @Sunway Giza 2 October 2010

Saturday 530pm
This event has been an eye opener for me. We browsed through rows of stunning wedding cake of art. Left-  This marvellous white wedding cake somehow captured my attention. I admired it for a long time. Later on, I realised it has won the second prize!  En loved this one, with a staircase (Right)
Indian's Lace - by a 12 years old unschooler , the youngest contestant over there!  We are so proud of her, admiring her skill at a very young age. It is a remarkable cake of art.  Check out her blog "Do you know the cupcake girl" ( the link is on my blog).  And yeah, we came because of her.  :)

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