Thursday, October 14, 2010

Made in China 7 October 2010

Over dinner, En asked " Why is everything made in China? "
Feeling surprised, I asked "How do you know that?"
En: Most of the labels at the back, have "Made in China" words.

Little kids are amazing, aren't they !

I said, "Yes, that's because the cost of production in China is low. Hence if you set up a factory there, the cost is lower , which also means more profit"

 En's cut & paste and crayon painting 13 October 2010

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Jack Ng said...

I was as surprised when she asked the Made in China question. Surprise, because she can read (I know some kids read books now, but En is not "trained" to read, but she is reading, so yay.). Infact, I get surprises often these days with her command of words.

And second, with that question, the golden opportunity to impart economics beckons. Hence, it is so critical for us to have an environment that allows or encourages children to ask incessantly about everything under the sun.

Lastly, I love the boat art. I saw her when she was doing it. I am pretty curious as to what was she thinking when she cut the colored paper and paste it on the sail. Why not just color it? All kids do these kind of stuff but what are they thinking? Funny.