Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Makan makan at Sg Lembing 15 October 2010

Coconut cracker. Halal. A delicacy of Sg Lembing.  
After a hike @ Panaroma Hill, I was hungry and thirsty. There are a few drink stalls at the food court next to the Lembing market, adjacent to the foot of  Panaroma hill.

Left -Banner of "Ah Foong noodle shop" famous for its yong tau foo which is made with 'water from the moutain'. The stall is located near pillar no.13, end corner of the food court. The owner is helpful and polite despite being busy serving customers.  

Sg Lembing is famous for noodles which is also made with 'water from mountain'. It does taste different and yummy.
The ketchup noodle (right) is from the stall slightly away from Ah Foong stall. Ask Ah Foong and she will point to you.  En don't enjoy the food as much as me and dad.  Hui slurped the whole bowl of Sg Lembing noodle with soup.

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Jack Ng said...

I especially like the white tofu. It is very smooth. And it doesn't give out the normal tofu smell.

Shannon and I were gobbling up like a couple of refugee. We took a truck-load of food, in the end, the bill is like RM15.

So, yeah, is a great place to have breakfast and chill-out after the hill climb.

En and Hui enjoyed the atmosphere somewhat, is not crowded because it was a weekday and they gave us the opportunity to laze around and fill our stomach while En has a cat to catch. Btw, Hui liked the Sg. Lembing noodle.