Thursday, October 7, 2010

A typical business day with aunty Mey 27 September 2010

Wednesday. 1pm
We joined aunty Mey for her day work. *I knew Mey for 23 years now and I used to wish she will be my sister in law! hehe  :D
She returned bad goods (plastic bags) to a plastic bags making factory and we went inside to have a look.
The raw material (the heap in white) goes into the machine, melted and blew into (yellow) plastic bag. The size of the plastic bag depends on the wind and size of the mould.

The yellow bag went into "Forever 21" plate roller that is filled with black paint.  

The smaller mould creating smaller size of plastic bags( in white). Right- The white bag went into the roller with yellow paints.

The roller plate and the label shows the contents of the plate. Right- Lines of empty plastic bag rolls.

A knitting factory, where they dye the white plain cloths into colours.

Rows of dyeing machines that look like a washer. Right- Enhui's souvenir. A blown up long transparent plastic bags!  It was a hard day work for this business woman, deliver heavy goods(plastic bags) all by herself, and answering to phone calls, negotiating for business, collecting cheques etc. She does it all - one 'wo'man show! *SALUTE*


Jack Ng said...

Mey is one strong lady, does not complain much, just do without kicking a fuss. One of Shannon's close friend and my friend too. One tough and resilient gal.

mey said...

wow... thanks for the compliment
but it's just my daily rutin, life goes on whether we like it or not ...

you guys are great parents too.en & hui are lucky to have those adventure you gave them .