Friday, October 29, 2010

Cool pool! 27 October 2010

The kids seems to have lots more fun with more people today :) Ayman swam in the adult pool while Max climbed up the tunnel slide! What a great achievement. En and Abby were enjoying the swing meant for 12-18monthls old (photo above, right). Unfortunately, the enjoyment were short-lived when we told them to get up! :D Millions thanks to aunty S Ming again, for organising the trip.  

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Jack Ng said...

EnHui, they are not swimmers, not yet anyway. Their affinity to water, though, is something else. They love the pool, they never fail to shout "swimminggggggg" when we reach the pool. I thought they will go everyday, if we have the opportunity. Sometimes, on weekends, we will go an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon.

Sometimes you would wonder, why they like the pool so much. I really don;t have an answer. But they like it.

We spend quite some time in the pool these days, sometimes with a net, with some ropes, toys, with a boat, with floats, arm-floats, and lots more. I don;t remember I had so much fun when I was their age.