Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Panaroma Hill, Sg Lembing 15 October 2010

Friday 545am
Hike Panaroma Hill, Enhui's second hill attempt after Broga. Direction (from Sg Lembing Welcome Arch): Drive straight towards Sg Lembing town where you'll see a food court on your left. Turn left after food court. Go straight till the end. Park your car. It takes about 45 mins to arrive the peak but with young kids, it might take an hour (+)  
We missed the entrance to the hill while stumbling in the dark. It was blocked by the cement mixer and a heap of sand. The steps are located right at the beginning of the foot hill. It took us some time to locate it. Hui was scared of the total darkness and refused to walk. After hiking approximately 3/4 of the journey, she finally broke free from dad's arm, when we were greeted by the sunlight. From there on, she climbed up happily. Poor dad!

Most of the paths are with cement steps (right) whereas the remainder is of gravel (left). It's relatively easier to climb than Broga Hill, due to the steps but it is physically more challenging.
(Left) The sea of clouds could be seen after hiking slightly more than half of the hill.  (Right) At the peak, meeting another group who were there capturing sunrise.
Sunrise. We watched the last part of it.
Eye catching sea of cloud from the peak. When we descended,  the cloud dispersed and Sg Lembing town could be seen.

A wooden chair built around the truck, left by construction workers. En was playing with one of the tool used to smoothen the steps.  

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Jack Ng said...

Climbing the hill was tiring at first, me having to carry Hui up the stairs. It was like every 10 to 15 steps, I need to sit down to have a rest. Furthermore, my strength was depleted from the earlier wrong trail that we followed, which I was also carrying Hui for a good 30 minutes at least. When we found the way, climbing the flight of stairs was at times torturing. I was really worked-up and I felt like giving up and turn back. And I am sure it affected Shannon and En.

When the morning sun started to break out, Hui began to climb on her own. And it was such a relief and it allowed me to enjoy the scenery around and also working out a sweat without really having to torture myself.

It was a good hill to climb and great scenery. I think we will come here again to catch the sunrise.