Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Broga Hill, Semenyih 14 September 2010

Tuesday 7am
It was quite hard to get up @ 530am after having just 3.5 hour sleep.  That's Broga Hill. Many people got up earlier than me, just to catch the sunrise at the top of the hill.
It took about 35 mins from LDP sunway to the foot of Broga Hill, using SKVE Highway, exited Jalan Semenyih.
This is the trail condition, the terrain is mostly gravel and slightly rocky. We passed by oil palm and rubber tree plantation before arriving at the beginning of the trail, marked by the signboard.   At this hour, there weren't any mosquitoes.

A tiny brown shell snail with pitch black body is commonly seen over here. Some were smashed by the hikers (sheesh).  Hui hike at a slower rate at the back with dad. She fell couple of times due to her flat sole sandal. (my mistake)

A broken swing greeted us on an even spread out landing. It was so breezy ! The wind swept the long tall grass back and forth, such lovely sight.
To this point, it was relatively quite a managable hike for En, Zhen(a 6 year old) and me.  From here on, the slope is pretty steep, with some parts consists of shallow steps and some are smooth slope (Right).

En hiking among other teenagers, independently. Poor dad carried Hui up the slope without assistance. I think if dad wasn't here, I would have been down with asthma. *thank you, dear hubby. 
Left- We reached the first peak, among the four. Right- From the first peak, overlooking to the second one.  I enjoyed the hike, somehow it made me felt great and also made me wonder if this is how avid hikers feel.
Left- What a wonderful sight, despite the fog. And shortly after we arrived, the sky was surrounded by rain clouds (Right)! With no second thought, we bade farewell to Broga Hill. I am glad we came, thanks to Fern & Yu ling. :) 

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