Saturday, September 18, 2010

1st Malaysia Day Celebration @Jalan Bangkung 16 September 2010

Thursday 530pm
I was indecisive on whether to attend the Malaysia Day celebration. The last performance, "wayang kulit" at 9pm, is what En has been longing for. The show time falls on Enhui's bedtime, which means they will be extremely exhausted.

And you know what, I am thankful, I made it there. Thanks a million, aunty S Ming for the invitation. Thank you. Enhui enjoyed it tremendously and it was a valuable experience for her.

This is the first performance we watched when we arrived. boom boom

Sarawakian Traditional Dance and MyCats Kids Performance.
Suddenly, there was a tiger roaring sound and the DJ shouted "Freeze Tiger Trade". We turned around to find many people lying still on the floor, with placards displaying 'Freeze Tiger Trade'. What a suprise! And what an unique way to pass on the message. Wildlife Crime Hotline 019 356 4194 or email to

I enjoyed this one which led to the dance below..

A humurous sketch by MyConstitution and traditional chinese lion dance.

During the Sabahan performance, Hui was taken to join the dance.. :)

Traditional Indian Dance and Malaysian singers. So many performances!

The long awaited 'Wayang Kulit' by a renowned Kumpulan Wayang Kulit Anak Baju Merah from Machang, Kelantan, led by Kelantan most popular tok dalang, Saupi Bin Isa. 
We were invited to watch the setting part as well.

To capture the essence of wayang kulit, many believes we should not watch it from the front. You are encouraged to move about and watch the performance of the tok dalang and his crews from behind the screen.


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Jack Ng said...

The wayang kulit performance was simply the highlight bar none. I have not seen an actual wayang kulit in performance. I was lucky that night, watch it under the moon with my girls and wife.

The whole atmosphere and the story and the talented crew and the Tok Dalang, was amazing. I kinda felt these performers are very passionate about their craft. It was jaw-dropping.