Friday, September 3, 2010

Cherating Flag 2 September 2010

Thursday night.
Dad is so proud of this flag that he reminded me to take a photo of it. Finally, he took the photo himself, knowing that I have yet to take any action. :)
En's self-made flag for Cherating ! The funny part is, the flag has two doughnuts and a heart shape on it. :)
The part that made dad so proud was the interior of the straw-pole. It has wires in it. Dad asked 'Why there is wires in it?" En replied "So it can support". A happy dad popped another question "where did you learn it from? a book?" En answered "My brain tells me ".

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Jack Ng said...

Not proud la...just thinking that being a parent also means getting out of their way and let the children do their things and in the end, surprised with things that they can come out with.

Still thinking where did she get that idea. Honestly, in case you did not notice, both Shannon and me do not have much of those "smart" genes in us for a start.