Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are TWINS! 14 September 2010

En got two exact same T-shirts from aunty wah ! :) She got Hui to wear one, (though it is big for Hui) as she said " We are twins ".

The twins went on to put on the same hairclip and bangles.

A disagreement came up after Hui chose an extra butterfly clip (from aunty Joyce) to put on her hair. En voiced up "We must look the SAME". Hui protested "But I LIKE the butterfly clip". Looking at the intense situation, I was about to interfere.. but somehow this statement,  " Children is able to solve a conflict and come out with an agreement " popped up.  I should step back as I wasn't being asked for an opinion or help.

En : " Ok, you could wear this in the car only ". Hui : " I want to wear it, to the lift too".
En : Pausing, "Hey, you can just wear it and let them spot the difference between us. Mommy, can you spot the different ?"
Me :  Huh, spot the difference ? ehm.. I can't.
Both : pointing to the clip, "See ! Here.  And the skirt ! " laughing..
Me: Oh ! yes. Identical twins.

Walking hand in hand to the lift lobby, En told Hui " Twins can argue and can be good too ".

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