Friday, September 3, 2010

Museum Orang Asli, Gombak 2 September 2010

Thursday 3pm
There isn't much sign along the road to this musuem. Take the MRR2. Exit Jalan Gombak. Follow Jalan Gombak sign, which is straight, till a T-junction. Take the left turn which go to Bentong or Gombak Utara. Go straight till you see museum on your right. Along the straight road(from the T-junction) to museum @Batu 12, you will come across a sign "Batu 8 1/2", two more signs "Museum Orang Asli" and the third sign "Museum Orang Asli" will be the entrance. 

It is very quiet and as usual, we are the only three people at the museum. I like this photo, a family of orang asli, 3 young children and the young mom was pregnant.

The wedding ceremony caught En's attention. She loves to hear the different unique wedding rituals. Another thing she likes to explore, is the traditional fish trap. This time around, she got her hand trapped inside the narrow mouth of the 'bubu' and passionately explained to dad at home. She is also fond of the weaving products on display. I really admire her enthusiasm,  "hey look at this", "look at that".  Hui was on her own, scanning one display after another. She commented "We must bring dada here".

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