Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary, Air Keroh 25 September 2010

Saturday 930am
Direction, first left turn after Air Keroh toll and follow the sign.
Entrance fees - adult RM5 children (5-12) RM3.
 There are so many types of lizards on display. Hui made sure she didn't miss any. I was suprised to see some white handed gibbons, as it doesn't belong to insect/reptile group, in a pathetic small enclosure. There are also birds, binturong, otters, slow loris, koi fishes etc over here.

En, trying to grasp a butterfly. And she ran off seeing the giant milipede.
The star tortoise was taken aback when En tried to touch his legs.
En bypassed all the snakes exhibit, except for this yellow one. It is the only snake that she is not scared of, she said.  Hui, on the other hand, sticked out her tongue to scare the snakes off. ;p Smooth coated otter slept like a log.

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