Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Secret Garden of One Utama 29 August 2010

Sunday pm.
Finally, we explored the garden rooftop at One Utama Mall, New Wing, after seeing the sign by the lift, couple of times. The admission is free and only opens on weekends. It has more than 500 species of interesting, rare and unusual plants and also some common ones.

Left- Hui wore the clog that En made for her. A shortly after, the strap torn !(* I bought an extra pair of shoe, knowing it will tear). Right- The entrance of the secret garden.
Right- Scarlet Passion Flower. We saw many plants/flowers which we have not seen before.
Left- Golden Candle (Finally, I know the name of this flower and few other common ones I see)
There are countless of snails. Left - snail & its poo. Snail seems to like Indian Blue Bell as few were spotted on this plant.
Right- Pomegranate tree.

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Jack Ng said...

Should you take a look at the sandal that Hui wore. Really it was a piece of plank with a band of cardboard sticked to it, made by our own "Jimmy Choo" En. Is a clog, inspired by what she saw at Aunt Ling's cameron highland house, the clogs in the bathroom.

Anyway, the story that's worth telling is that, it took us (Shannon and myself) a while to relax and let the children do what they would like to do, as long as it is not dangerous or inconvenience to other people. Wearing such sandal out, is one. Wearing clothes that are totally out of whack is another. And having their hands and legs tattooed with marker pens and feeling totally nonchalant about it when we go outside is another testing time for us. Social norms or the way we were brought up, are against such "things".

We are expected to be clean, behave, wear shirts and pants that matches or socially acceptable. So the same is expected of our children. But the children have a mind of their own, and can make their own decision. It took us some time to realize that notion and let go and trust the child, and be totally okay with wierd looks from strangers and neighbours.

I think I am very near that. I think I am close to be totally zen-like.