Thursday, September 2, 2010

53th National Day 31 August 2010

Tuesday 7am
For the first time, our national day is celebrated indoor at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, with cool air-cond but there wasn't any horses, land transportation, German Shepherd or contrail in the sky. This year, En watched it for the 5th time! & Hui, the 2nd time, and still loving it. :) This is their first time, witnessed the performance close-up. Before that, they watched by the road side near Bank Negara.
I got a suprise when En asked if 'Agong' and 'Permaisur'i has arrived ? Hearing her speak Malay, even just two words, was awesome.


En said "Yay! I can sing Negaraku". She didn't get all the pronounciation right and yet, sang with gutso ! Hui asked me " I don't know how to sing. How do you learn Malay?"

Rukun Negara

One of the performance - in dark.

Dad's favourite

End with couple of songs.
Confetti! Confetti!

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Jack Ng said...

Before the children, I never have any plans nor it has cross my mind to go to any of these Merdeka parade. Never been there even as a kid. With the children, is different. They wanna go see the parade every year. And since I want to do stuffs with them, that's why I am there. And we all enjoyed it, the parade and the company. What a deal.