Thursday, September 9, 2010

The good side of En 8 September 2010

Wednesday afternoon
En was pestering me to pack for camping trip the whole morning. So, I instructed her to pack for herself and take two lanterns along.

Among the 3 lanterns, she chose the two most adorable ones. One of the choice was a battery-operated type. Unfortunately, the battery is weak. So I said "Leave that out as the light is dim". She voiced up,  " I don't like the other one"

Reluctantly, she exchanged the lanterns. Staring at the least attractive lantern , En uttered "Ok, This one for Hui". Upon hearing that, I just nodded.
Later on, when I unzipped Hui's back-pack, the more adorable one was inside there. I found the least attactive lantern was inside En's bag.

With great admiration, I said " You gave your sister's the nicer lantern. That was a great act of giving. You just did a thing that make the world more beautiful ". En gave a big grin and proud of herself.

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