Monday, September 6, 2010

Bamboo Wishing Tree 2 September 2010

Thursday night.
At McDonald, I saw En played with a bunch of straws in the children playroom. I was contemplating of stopping her, thinking it will be a waste of resources. But I didn't and I have no idea what stopped me from doing so. Maybe I just wanted to relax and stepped back a little.

Later on, she came and showed me a long joint straws and added "I want to make a bamboo wishing tree". She brought it home and kind dad worked on it with her.

Then, she gave me a piece of paper to pen down my wish, and thereafter to hang it on the wishing tree.
Her first wish on the tree, "I wish the old folks home that I have been to and they will stay healthy and strong. There is one auntie Ann that is very old and her eye ball came out from her eye. And she is blind. I wish she is not blind"


XMOCHA said...

En is the sweetest! So proud of her!

Jack Ng said...

I believe everyone that she met have been giving her so much positive energy. Including you, max and sim, contributed to its "sweetness". Positive breeds positives.