Monday, September 20, 2010

Vitagen Health Educational Tour 20 September 2010

Tuesday 230pm
 Left- Little En at Vitagen Factory function room in year 2008, when she was 4.

Today, we paid the second visit. In the morning, I told her to look after herself and walk within the RED (I can't remember the color and assumed is red) lines inside the factory as mommy needs to care for Hui. She corrected me " It's not red, it's yellow ". 

Lo and behold, En is corrrect!

We were briefed the rules & regulations before walking into the factory and the custom relations officer mentioned "walk within the yellow lines", my jaw dropped.
Walking two by two to the factory with our hair cap on! En paired herself up with Danika.

The customer relations officer gave us a briefing on the product before the refreshment. Hui walked up and down, wondering when she could drink the vitagen!

During the introduction talk, En being the talkative one, was the target of the speaker when came to questions. "What are the flavours?"  En who wasn't listening, answered "All the flavours! I love all ". "What do you do before you eat?" etc. And when the question "What is bacteria?" was raised, without a second thought, she had a go !

Kids will take a chance. If they don't know, they will have a go. They are not frightened of being wrong. - Sir Ken Robinson.


2:30pm - Arrival of visitors at Cotra Enterprises Sdn Bhd (Function Room)
2:35pm - Introduction of the Company and Products
2:50pm - Video Presentation
3:00pm - Plant tour for VITAGEN
3:30pm - Refreshment / Question and Answer
4:00pm - Special Token to Visitors

To make an appointment for a visit, email 03-7955 4388. A mininum of 30 pax required.

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