Friday, September 3, 2010

Jia Chien, the mandarin speaking friend 2 September 2010

Thursday am
Hearing Jia Chien's call for his mom to open the door, En shouted " Jia Chien, ni yau gen wo wan ma?"
His mom reluctantly let him played with En, knowing it was time to complete homework and eat before going to school. And Jia Chien has just returned from his tuition class !
The years before, Jia Chien and En played frequently. As Jia Chien stepped into primary school last year, he hardly have time to play. It is either tuition before school or extra activity/lesson at school. 

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Jack Ng said...

Jia Chien is our neighbour's kid. He has an older brother, Jia Zhen. Nice kids, and always say hello to us when they see us. They are our EnHui's mandarin speaking friends.