Sunday, September 5, 2010

Handicraft and it'ssss showtime! All @One Utama mall. 4 September 2010

Saturday 3pm
Potpourri of Farmers Dance *It repeats again on 11 & 16 Sept 10, 3pm

Basket Anyaman (weaving) Workshop 4pm @One Utama Mall, courtesy by Kraftangan Malaysia.
Left- the anyaman tools Right. - My anyaman basket. :) The work was time-consuming but pretty fun. EnHui watched me and I have to shuffle between En & Hui's basket *phew. 

Want to learn the ending part ? The steps are not easy for a novice, like me.

Batik Painting & Ketupat Anyaman Workshop 5pm

   It is batik again ! En loves batik painting. And it's free of charge. la la la.   Right- the ketupat anyaman expert, weaved one in a split second. He shared his skill patiently for more than an 1.5hour !

I love to see how focus En was, when doing something she likes. :) 

Hui put in effort despite her sister teasing her work. She turned to me and whispered "Do you like my work?" And I said " YES" with a grin.  

The finished piece.

Left- Dad 's ketupat ! Not bad for a first timer. Right- No, that is neither dad nor my ketupat :p

Ketupat anyaman!

Shanghai Broadway Dance, in celebration of mooncake festival. 730pm

En is so happy, seeing Mark(on the right), the magician cum clown. This time around, a dancer  too.We have watched his magic performance during Christmas season twice. He is so humorous. And we love him. LOL. En pleaded to watch this performance again. She supported the claim by saying " We miss the first part !" Next show 11 Sept 2010, 730pm. aarrgghhh

Talented dancers. How I admire their body movement.

Traditional Folks Dance 8pm.  By the time we watched this dance, we were half dead! Exhausted. Our original plan,to leave after Batik Workshop ....  :) was over- extended. Next show 11 & 16 Sept 2010 8pm.  At bedtime, En put forth how she loves the performances. And she said " Bring me watch Uncle Mark performance again. Wayang kulit especially "

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