Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hui said "..... 29 August 2010

In the morning, Hui came back from the pool, excitedly told me " I found a stone and it's as BEAUTIFUL as me "

In the evening, when Hui was alighting from the car, she said " I am a BIRD. Bird doesn't wear shoes. They fly " when dad told her to put on her shoes.

At night, Hui begged me to read before bedtime. I was busy and told her to wait. After 1.5 hour (yes, 1.5 and yes I am bad),  it was late. Thinking I could get away with it, I put away the books and switched off the light. Hui blurted out, crying " Mommy, you FORGET to read the books ! "

* When our children is taking a long time in doing something that we ask them to, we become impatient within a minute. We tend to forget, at some occasions we take a long time to do stuff that they ask us to,as well.   
And sometimes, they seem to try to get away with things that we ask them to do. So are we.

They are watching us !


Jack Ng said...

I am in awe, a lot of times, on the ease of children morphed into different roles/animals. I always thought, if I let them be, the possibilities know no bounds and sometimes is outright funny.

In this case, I was trying to grab her leg to fix her sandal on. She shaked me off and literally jump/flew out and let loose the "I m a bird.." statement and followed by small human flapping arms show. For a dad, these are cool stuff.

Chandrika Fern said...

Yeah... There was a time when I didn't read to Zhen for about 3 days... (My excuse was my assignment).. She came telling me, "Mummy, you haven't read story books to me for 3 days already. (Showing her 3 little fingers).