Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun @swimming pool 15 September 2010

Tuesday am.  En swam few strokes without float and submerged her head in the water.  She was laughing all the way, seeing legs of other swimmers for the first time. It was so fun that she swam with her head in the water again and again. Hui who didn't like armbands beforehand, was spotted swimming with armbands in the pool. Before she went to the pool, she complaint to  me " I can't swim with armbands". I told her, "you and fish are ONE. you can swim just like a fish."  Maybe this statement did work! :)

Wednesday am.
When we were walking to the pool, En asked "Is there any adult float ?" After much thought, I remember the huge float for water slide at water park. After telling her, she commented "When I have the money, I buy you one, so you can float in the pool too" ! Oh my, so shameful ! LOL. (* I am not a swimmer).  

*This morning, Hui deflated her armbands out of curiosity and I wasn't able to blow one up for her.

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sochau said...

can we go to the swimming pool together? from Abigail