Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unschooler's ordinary afternoon at home 30 September 2010

Thursday 11am
En spotted a tiny snail on the pot where we soaked the vegetables and kept it on our Sharp Tongue plant.  She observed at which part of the leaf would the snail stop and rest.

Today's lunch - red & kidney bean dessert and noodle soup.  

Left- On board a train. En, the train master with a train whistle. When the train came to the final station,  she suggested we bake 'rainbow cookies' (name given by the recipe).  So I told her to write down the ingredients needed. ;p  After writing "BUTTER", she turned around and said " We don't have to write, just look at the recipe "  :D  (*oops, writing plot backfired)

"Rainbow cookies" with M&M chocolates.

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