Saturday, October 9, 2010

Penang National Park 3 October 2010

Sunday 9am
It was another breezy and calming ferry ride to the Penang Island, except the En-climbing part that cause our heart to skip a beat. I worried she slips and falls. She said  " Look, there is a platform and I won't fall into the sea ". 
We head to Penang National Park after we arrived. It was indeed not a great plan after a long drive !!
Direction - head towards Batu Ferringhi, follow the curvy road till the roundabout, where 'End of the World' restaurant is located. Go straight at roundabout till the end of road where you see Penang National Park in front.

There is no entrance fee and you need to register before entering. There are 7 trails with duration ranging from 10min to 2 hours walk/hike. The greatest attraction is the meromictic lake (trail F). right- Fishing boats/jetty view from the Pasir Pandak trail A, the shortest trail.

The beginning path is a nicely tiled-pavement. Along the path, there are wooden picnic tables and benches, facing beach, sea and fishing jetty.  En pleaded to play sand right here but I wanted to hike to the meromictic lake and Pantai Kerachut which is quieter and much nicer. Poor girl obliged.

After this bridge is the beginning of trail B to F.

Some part of with steps, some with tree roots and mostly are damp soil.

Funghi spotted along the trail. Hui was tired and fell asleep in the midst of it, on my shoulder. I decided to turn back and settle at Pasir Pandak beach. It was the right thing to do and En ran straight to the beach and the dirty sea water doesn't hinder or worry her at all.

The list of animals that could be spotted at this national park and we only saw a huge monitor lizard, giant squirrel, brahminy kites and long tail macaques.

After this, we head to Batu Ferringhi, our usual hang-out spot but were shocked to find out the restaurant has closed down.

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Jack Ng said...

I was my grumpy old self when I climb up the hill. It started when the girls squirt a bit too much of sun block. Usually, I will be able to accept it and shrug it off cos that;s what small little humans do. But that day...I lost it and never recover until we came down from the hill.

Anyway, I recovered after and felt bad, but overall we still had a good trip.