Monday, October 18, 2010

Human face & body 12 October 2010

Tuesday - Off late, Hui has been doodling some faces. Very interesting I found. The box that I use to store her painting is filling up real quick.

The blue ribbon a.k.a zaru soba and white paper a.k.a seaweed, were sticked on the paper with white glue, by Hui. 

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Jack Ng said...

Hui is the sweetest girl, almost can get away with anything with her grin and still toddler's voice. And I suspect she knows it.

En made a birthday greeting card for Sonya with a smiley face drawn on it. And when Hui saw it, she said, this smiley face without hair is not nice. She wants to draw some hair onto it. Is funny, when you observe her other drawings, a lot of emphasis is put on hair. I wonder why?