Thursday, October 28, 2010

Staying above the lower vibrational feeling 24 October 2010

It's has been a challenging Sunday. Hui was cranky the moment she woke up. I guessed she was probably lack of sleep, following me on a late Saturday night. Nevertheless, I won't be able to know the real reason behind. However, that is not an issue. I had worse days, getting up on the wrong side of the bed. The issue is, having receiving the low vibrational feeling of Hui and keep reminding myself to stay above this negative vibration is a challenge. How I deal with them is important and will help them throughout their lives. I know, but it ain't easy.

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Jack Ng said...

Is one of the greatest challenge of being a parent of our vision. This topic has been broached countless of times. We believe it has been and remains to be key in raising our children without shouting or corporal punishment.

I grew up believing that punishment is a must. I have to grow out of that and grow into believing that reasoning and understanding is a must. It is a constant challenge for me to even keep my temper down, my tone low and I actually have to think and device a plan to convince and reason with EnHui if a normal advice does not catch on.

Devising a strategy on conveying message to little children??? If I tell this to my grandpa, he would have looked at me and think that I am on medication. Ha ha ha. Times have change, aint it.

So when you get to read this, EnHui, is not easy being your parent. But then, I know I know, you did not ask of it also.