Thursday, October 21, 2010

Batik Factory @ Balok, Pahang 16 October 2010

Saturday 3pm
The Natural Batik Village claimed to be the largest batik factory in east coast. It is opened for visitors. Just walked in, if it's less than 20 people and make an appointment if you have more than that. 
Direction : From cherating heading to Kuantan (trunk road), turn left when you see Balok. Go straight reach T-junction. Take the right turn, following Pantai Balok. Go straight till you see Natural Batik Village on your left.  
Left -The merchandise outlet greeted us at the entrance. Walk toward the right side of the outlet will lead you to the factory at the back.

Left- block printing of wax area. Right- a pot of batik wax. This pot of wax caught fire when we were there. I was beginning to worry when the flame got bigger. Dad grabbed the wet towel from the worker and threw it over, *gush* the fire was put out.

Varieties pattern of  copper block

Left- Dye bath area. Right- The wax is applied over the penciled outline of the pattern with a canting.

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Jack Ng said...

I saw the work of the girls/workers/artists coloring the artwork and I thought they are very talented. I just hope they are being compensated well.