Monday, October 18, 2010

En's wayang kulit @Enfafrow A+ My Amazing Child Grand Finale' 14 October 2010

Thursday 9am
It all started when aunt Ling uploaded a video of En's puppetry show at home to 'Enfagrow A+ My Amazing child' contest. I didn't pay much attention to it, till she got into the finalist stage (based on voting)
When I told En, she will have a chance of winning a grand price of RM8k travel voucher. Beaming with joy,  she exclaimed " I can see snow" (Seeing snow is one of her dream).

A million thanks to aunt Ling and aunty Luisa for arranging and accomodating En's request in her preparation for the wayang kulit performance. En being the choreographer, director and creator of her version of wayang kulit.

She chose 'ao yai' (thanks to uncle fai & aunty m ling) as her costume which I think was a great choice. Here she was passionately setting up her theatre and I was her assistant. Left - a video recorder in front of theatre.

Left - The 1st prize winner - 4 year old Kah Hee, reciting 'San Ji Jing' with gutso. Right- 2nd prize winner - talented 5 year old Yi Fan, playing two tunes on the electronic keyboard. One of it, a famous classical piece, from ear memory!  

The emcee introduced En and her winning puppetry video was shown on TV.
"It's a performance by a 6 year old using shadow to tell an impromptu story which will be created at the time of its performance. The puppets and props are mostly homemade and using easy to find material at home, partly inspired by En" 

En's wayang kulit was being shot by a videographer live from a dark room, near the stage.
She won the third prize and was jumping excitedly on the stage when her name was being announced.  :)

" En developed a great interest in the art of puppetry. Couple with an active imagination, what started off as paper cuttings, slowly evolved to hand puppet theater show, and finally, migrated to wayang kulit today. She have a hand in creating and influencing the characters and the puppets that are used in the wayang kulit. Because of her passion on this art, most, if not all, of the activities here are of her own motivation and direction "

Left - all the 6 finalist  (aged from 4-6 years old, En being the only 6 year old) with their prizes.  
Right- The three winners(Yi Fan, Kah Hee and En) from the grand finale, posing with their mock cheques. En is the tallest and oldest child! 

The grand finale winners launched Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp, with the mascot, owl and Mr Roger Dallas.
En said " I am glad I came."
I thought the whole event was a wonderful experience for her. Thanks to aunt Ling. 


XMOCHA said...

COngratulations!!! Happy for you! Why didnt tell us that day?

XMOCHA said...

So proud of En!!