Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making toys from used material 16 December 2010

We attended the Eco 3D Creativity workshop at PSN by chance.The registration was full but someone didn't turn up. :) The next session is on 28 December 2010, 9am and it's free. It was conducted by sensei Saki Sasamori, turning an empty juice carton into a toy.
Instruction 1. Cut the bottom and top cover of the carton 2. Flatten the carton and cut into 3 pieces with the same size.

 3. Use your hand to peel away at the joint area 4. Turn it over and staple the joint area (so the white part is outside) into a chain.  

5. Join the loop of one side to the middle one. Then, slot the last one into the middle loop, making it into a dice.  6. Draw a shape(circle) onto each surface. ta-da ! a DIY toy. 7. Dismantle the dice. Try to merge it again with all the circles hidden in the interior part.

Sensei gave instruction on  the second craft. Material needed - two pieces of drawing art block, scissor and pen.

1. cut into 5 same size flaps. 2. lift open  for weaving.

3. use the other piece of drawing art block, cut two rectangular pieces (look at the picture) and 4. weave it thru the first piece. 5. draw a circle. (pink circle drew by Hui) 6. fold both side to the back and pull.

the circle is gone!

I admire how Hui listened intently and wanted to work her piece out independantly.

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