Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cockroach Anatomy 2 December 2010

Thursday night
Dissection of cockroach with dad! Yeah, right. 
These two cockroaches were found under the bed while I changed the linen! It was my first encounter at home. That showed how dirty my home was and it is time to spring clean. 
When the dissection was going on, I recollect memory of how I was made to stand outside the classroom, for refusing to dissect a cockroach. And I was the only loser in class. sheessh.

4 wings.

finding info from the google. En lifted another cockroach to the dissection table.

Left- lifting the esophagus.  Right- Hui had no fear cutting the legs off. EeyyKk, yay she did that.

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Jack Ng said...

En and Hui do not seem to be afraid of the whole deal. Naturally they were curious as to what I would do to the dead cockroach. So, I did what I did, dissected it and showed them the digestive system of the roach.