Saturday, December 11, 2010

KL International Motor Shows 10 December 2010

Thursday 11am
I am glad we didn't miss this event. We had fun, yeah I had fun too.
RM15 for adult and RM5 for children above 5 - a weekday ticket which came with a morning dose of coffee (thank you), and a BIG recycle bag (great, my old blue one is tearing apart) and a lucky draw to a grand prize of a hybrid Toyota Prius. Give me, give me, I need it badly, a bigger and safer car to ferry my two unschool kids, to see the world.
This one looks as great, big, comfy and STRONG. Nissan Juke. dream.. dream dream dream.
En mentioned 'Hey, there is a woman model'  :)  

Such beauty, Chevrolet Cruze.

Most of all, I WANT this one. EnHui agreed to it, cracking their head on who to sit where and how to hang onto their dear life.

Second choice.I am dying to ride on this. It is the same price as my car. Gosh!

Bumblebee is what EnHui were here for, hoping to catch the live one. "Hey, it doesn't look like the one we transformed at home", said En.  yeah right, LOL. Later when she reached home, she tried transforming it again.
Batman mobile was a bit eerrr.. smal compare to the one at Movie World, Brisbane.

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