Friday, December 10, 2010

Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam 5 December 2010

Sunday 11am
Taman Botani Negara is also called 'Taman Pertanian Malaysia'.
For direction -Head to Shah Alam from Federal Highway. Exit at 'Persiaran Kayangan'. Take right turn at roundabout. Go straight. At roundabout (with lots of flags), go straight too. Watch out for "Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam" signage (left side), to turn right. 

contacts. all sort of activities are available, camping (by the pond), chalet, fishing and cycling. Skytrek is located at this park as well. No charge on parking. Entrance for adult is RM3 and children, aged 6 -12, RM1. Fees include bus rides.

This is a much clearer map than the print-out ones given at the entrance.
The bus route only covers the right side of the map but not the fruit plantation on the left, which is another 2.5km, either by foot or bike.

The bus queue at 11am and bus frequency is low. The bus ride travels non-stop to the last station, "Cultural Village' and will make a U-turn from here and stops at each station on the way back.

aah.. GREEN, soothing to my tired eyes.

four seasons temperate house. It is winter season in December.
Fees - adult RM3 and children above 4, RM1. Purchase tickets on the spot.

Bbrrrr. I scurried through it. :0

"Today is the best day, it is winter ", bellowed En.

Huge tree trunk is the best hiding place. peekaboo.
picnic lunch admist the greenery. :)

At animal park, you can see horses, porcupines, civet cat and birds.
While waiting for the bus, the kids excitedly watched how the colony of ants carried their loot back home.

Such huge crumb.

Half of the crumb was stuffed into the hole. Unfortunately, the bus arrived and I was too exhausted to wait any longer and they didn't see the ending part.

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Jack Ng said...

Is a not-so-great place. I love FRIM much better. But if one is staying near there, is a good place to go amongst the trees.

As usual, En and Hui with her friends had a good time together.

One thing though, I did not enjoy the animal in captivity. I thought they should just let it all go, I believe they do not have the resources, neither monetary nor expertise, in providing to the animals.