Saturday, December 11, 2010

Padi Harvesting month @Sekinchan 7 December 2010

Tuesday morning.
We missed the treehouses at redang beach and so we drove to Sekinchan again. It didn't occur to us that we would be witnessing paddy being harvested. We later learnt that the harvesting month is in the month of June and December.

a picturesque golden paddy field. 

We saw two carefree boys catching fish by the pond with a self made rod! The bait was some earthworms that they dug up from the soil.

En made her own rod with the paddy plant-stem and tried her luck.

We tailed the huge harvester, hoping to catch a glimpse of the machine in action.
Have a look.

the harvester dropped the rice into the tractor -container.

We love the treehouse, rested on the hammock, under a breezy weather. This time around, we found a 'shark eye' shell!

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