Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Infinity 13 December 2010

Monday morning
En struck a conversation.

En : Mom, I want to see 'infinity'.
Mom : (what?) ehm.. number, you mean?
En : See 'infinity'.
Mom : (staring blankly at her) (paused) (can ah?) (how?) If I want to see infinity, maybe I will just close my eyes and image a string of numbers...
En : Is there any 'infinity' that I can see at the museum?
Mom : I' m not sure.
En : I know. You see this pole, put a mirror on the ceiling, on top of the pole.  And look up.
Mom : ehm...aah
En : haik, cannot. Maybe use a rope..
(later on)
En : Mom, I cannot create infinity.

Inside a mall 's toilet in the evening...
En : Mom, see this is infinity.(pointing to our mirror image. we stood between two mirrors, which faced each other).
Photo : Jumping stunt at Lover's bridge, Tanjung Sepat

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