Thursday, December 9, 2010

MAHA 2010 30 November 2010

Tuesday 10am
I made a decision of not going to MAHA, knowing Hui won't enjoy the hot sun and huge crowds. After talking to Sam, who is a great fan of MAHA, I decided to give it a shot.
With no map, we ventured the huge place without a clear directions. The bus routes made it all worse. Lesson learnt - must read the map beforehand and know where you are heading.  

The tractor-tram at Pintu 1 parking only, which transport pax to the entrance of Pintu 1. If you don't wish to take the ride, take the parking nearest to the entrance and travel on foot.

Paddy showground  & the plump 500kg cow from Australia at Livestock showground.

Goats- the stench was too much for Hui that she strolled with her hands cupped on her nose.

Gigantic jackfruit at fruit stalls. The fruit is thick and sweet. Yummy!  I should have bought MORE.

En Hui tried their hands on pineapple plantation. The dirt didn't bother them at all.

Left - let's drink pineapple juice. Right- the row of  pineapple plants, pitched by Enhui. 

the staff cut the pineapple with much finesse.

Cool! He said 'senang aje!'

The pineapple was being served using the skin as a holder. It's the juiciest one I have ever eaten. Enhui nodded for more. The staff happily slice another pineapple for us. Free tasting.

ways of planting pineapple, from stem, quartering of 'jambul'

from jambul and leaf.

Vegetables showground.

this reminds us of our cauliflower plants which were wilted.

Vegetables! - dont ask me the names.


Jessica said...

love the outdoor adventure you did with your kids!

Jack Ng said...

Thanks Jessica for the comment. I am the Dad to the kids that your are referring to.

Naturally, our kids (I suspect all if given the opportunity) love outdoors.

The best thing is watching them explore and imagining pretend play, man, they are so free.