Thursday, November 25, 2010

Marvellous Sekinchan, Selangor 22 November 2010

Monday am.
It was another impromptu trip. I wanna get out and Hui said 'Yaaay'. Upon hearing that, En said "Okaaay!". 
From Sg Buloh, it took about 1 1/2 hour to arrive at Sekinchan. Follow Kuala Selangor sign. Straight, till you see a big signboard of  "Sekinchan" on your left. Vast expanses of green padi field would be seen on the right side of the road and stalls selling mangoes, corns and water apple and handmade cotton pillow lined both side of the roads.
At Sekinchan town, turn left when you see the picture above (before the police station). Go straight and take a right turn at the T-junction.

After the right turn at T-junction, fisherman village could be seen when you drive into the lanes on the left. We drove into Lane 3.

A motorist with no helmet, drove pass the fire hut (station).
To go to the beach, go straight till you see the sign of 'Pantai Redang', turn left and follow the road. Take the right turn when you come to a fork road.

Filthy beach filled with litters. We like the two treehouses and hammocks on the beach. Right- one of the hammock.

What an ingenious builder!

Left- steps going up. Right- The area on your right.

The left side of the treehouse as you climbed in.

Hui munching on the netting seat. Right- the view from top of the treehouse.

Another treehouse with stairs, in white.

Left- the sideview of the white treehouse. Right- A huge anchor and bicycles of two little kids who came to fly kites. We must remember to bring our kite in future trip.

The right side of the beach is slightly better but rocky. Lots of little egret and common sandpiper could be seen. Lovely. I wish I have brought a good pair of binoculars.
There were also a group of about 40 raptors, circling and gliding above. 

Rocky side of the beach which filled with shells (below)

It's easy to pick great seashells over here.

Hui scoped the dirt-sand. En resting on a hammock.

Barnacles covering rocks.

EnHui's pick. Lots of cowries, turrets, whelks, conchs and cockles.

Right- The padi field is dotted with buildings which are homes for the swiftlets. Loud chirping sound could be heard and swiflets were spotted flying in and out of the tiny holes.

A picturesque landscape of padi fields.

Bought a packet of corns for RM10 which came with a free caterpillar (below)

En kept it as a pet.

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