Saturday, November 6, 2010

Transformer? 3 November 2010

Hui showed her new discovery of a toy-truck which can be transformed into a robot.
She could transform it really fast and will happily show you as many times as you would like to see it. :)
Truck vs robot.

Hui said 'you can put the arms behind or in front'. When En does it, she would forget one or two parts and Hui would prod her sister with a 'know-it-all' tone! :)

I try to avoid stereotyping mini-Men are from Mars or mini-Women from Venus. Inadvertently, Enhui are able to grasp it from others like  "Girls must not climb. Only boys do", "Pink is not for boys"  etc  :)


Bryan Koh said...

I got 2 bumblebee (transformer) at home, but not so suitable for Hui yet. hehe. as it not so easy to transform. When she grow bigger, then can play Bumblebee chor.

samanthang said...

They could transfer much more complicated transformer than you think on early age.

Jonathan able to transform the complicated bumblebee in his 4 years old after his daddy show him few times.

What parent need to do? Expense more! Hehe....

Jack Ng said...

I always love to see how Hui operate with her little nimble fingers. Very fascinating.