Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Building fire truck with Lego 28 October 2010

oThursday 130pm
En replied with a big 'YES' when I asked if she was keen to have a look at a giant fire truck made of Lego.
Left- a mini replica and 3/4 constructed giant fire-truck. Right- up close mini replica.

Left- side view of the fire engine. Right- En helped with the construction by following sample blocks.

Hui engrossed in the colourful Lego blocks on the floor while

En devotedly constructed more and more blocks.

En stacking the constructed blocks beside the fire truck.
Hui took notice what of her sister was doing and joined in. The 'fire-truck builder' uncle gave them both a diploma for helping out! I didn't expect to get a diploma and the trip turned out to be longer than expected. :) They asked "What is a diploma? "  
En wants to return to see the ready-fire truck and we will go again.

Sunday 10am - We came to see the admirable completed giant fire truck as per En request.  

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