Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ladang Penternakan, UPM 9 November 2010

Tuesday 930am
Left- Ladang Penternakan entrance. Right- the road after the entrance, is a lovely sight to behold.

A tractor came and the farmer rake the hay into a big pile for cow-feeding.

Our group at the cow farm. Right- a day old calf.

The female cow were being fed during the milking process. Right- the farmer washed the udder before latching on the pump.

Left- 4 suction caps were latched on at one go. Right- cow milk sampling, the purple one being yam flavour.

Right- Hui & Ian, feeding the cows.

Left- deer farm. Right- deer horn which can fetch the price of RM200 one pair 

Goat farm.
Left- wash your shoes' sole before going up the pen.

After a short moment at the goat pen, Hui found this ramp more interesting.  Right- the bottom of the pen where occasionally you can sight poo and pee pooped.

Horses at Equine unit.
For a visit, email aqhaffar@outra.upm.edu.my with a formal letter with detail (date, time and number of people)

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SookMei said...

Thanks for the Information on how to contact the Ladang perternakan UPM.

I wish we could have joined this trip. See Ming just told me about it today.

I have been looking for somewhere for my kids to see cows, oats and horses. Being city kids, they have never seen any before. And to know how smelly the animals can be... That might be the best experience in my opinion.