Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hui is counting 4 November 2010

I read "Circle number 4 and pictures with 4 objects". She did it without help. I said " Join the dot' and I pointed to number 4". She happily joined the dot in her own way.

I read 'Count and circle'. She did it on her own. I read 'Join the dot' and I pointed to number 4'. She replied 'No, it's too blacky'. (yes, I let her skip the blacky 4)

I read "Match the number of ice cream to the number". She joined the 5 ice creams to numerical 4 (checked the pencil line) and I said " That's 4" and she drew the line down to 5. She matched the rest of the lines on her own. At the next page, I read "Colour the cat" . Hui replied " I don't want. I want to count" and she flipped to the next page (yes, I let her skipped the colouring part), Hui lead the learning and I facilitate.

Hui insisted of getting this workbook she saw during our booksale trip in the morning. Not one, but some. I told her to get one only and we buy the next one when you have completed this workbook.
At home, she eagerly did all the pages at one go. I realised she recognised the numbers even though I have not taught her in a chalk-talk manner before. She did most pages with little prodding and ask for more. :)  


Yee Ling said...

: )

Jack Ng said...

Hui is a natural. If John Holt is around, Hui would be his model for unschooling.

But what I like most is her small fingers attempting to hold the pencil and draw, occasionally brushing her long hair aside from covering her sight.