Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lata Tampit Waterfall, Janda Baik 5 November 2010

Friday 8am
Direction to Janda Baik - KL to Karak Highway. First left turn after the tunnel. Make a U-turn. First left turn after Petronas petrol station & McDonald. Go straight till you reach a welcoming arch(on your right), turn right. 

Lata Tampit Waterfall (a.k.a Ulu Tampit) -  Look for Latto Charok signage on your right. Turn right when you see the sign. Second left turn (next to the abandoned house). Go straight till the end where you arrive at Latto Charok chalet. The entrance to Lata Tampit is located next to chalet compound.
Left- the abandoned house.  Right-  Entrance gate to Lata Tampit Waterfall.

It is not a must to have a guide to go to the waterfall as oppose to much information mentioned on various websites. How to get to the waterfall.(read the warning notice). The owner of the Latto Charok chalet, Jafri (019 347 0772) offers us a guide for a fee. He charges us RM200 for 10 people. We told him we don't need a guide and we settled on RM30 for parking at his chalet area. Alternatively, you could just park at the abandoned house and walk pass his chalets to the entrance gate, but I am not sure what will be the consequence if you happened to bump into him.

This is the trail after the gate. At one part, the grass is so tall and covered the trail. And it was muddy too. It took us approx 15minutes to cross this grassy land, with 5 kids aged from 2 to 7, where we finally reached the entrance to the bamboo forest.

 Along the trail, you need to climb over or go under fallen tree trunks.  Please watch out for thorns on some fallen trunks where you need to bend down and cross. It is not a problem for our young kids as they are short.

Left- trail is covered with dried fallen leaves. Right- At this fork road, the right one will lead you up to 5th fall whereas the left one will bring you to the highest fall of all, which is the 7th fall. We took the right one to go up to the 5th fall where there is an pool-like area. There are some fishes in the pool which will give you a fishspa when you stand stationary.

5th fall. After the grass land, it was another 40 minutes hike to 5th fall (with children).  

Hui hike all the way down on her own which was a huge physical achievement. Primates could be heard loudly as we were hiking up in the morning.  


Jack Ng said...

The hike was a good one. The waterfall pool was even better.

En and Hui did very well. I found them to be very at ease with the environment.

Anonymous said...

hi, i know it has been a while since your post but how long was the hike in total?

Ng Shannon said...

Less than 3 hours I think