Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cutterner, Fire fighter, Cooker 11 November 2010

In September 2010.
Hui : I want to be a cutterner
Me: Cutterner? Cut something?
Hui: Yes, cut fruits and vegetables.
Me: ok. great.
In November 2010
Hui: Mom, I want to be a fire fighter.
Me: !!!! ok. Why do you want to be fire fighter? What about cutterner?
Hui: Because Max wants to be a fire fighter.

Me: I see. Ok.
Hui: I want to be a cooker too.
Me: Cooker? Cooking? A Chef?
Hui: Yes, a chef. I want to be a chef.
Me: Ok.

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Jack Ng said...

Also, Hui said on Nov 14 Sunday. She wants to be a "fixener". A person that fix all things.

And I was ironing, she said she wants to be "ironing". Not "ironer".

Funny how they form words and in a season of want to be all things.