Friday, November 19, 2010

Chinese Wedding 13 November 2010

Many chinese young couples have done away with old customs on their wedding day and we are lucky to be able to witness some at this wedding.

Left- the nuptial chamber was opened to visitor but no one including the groom could touch the bed until the couple enter the bridal chamber! Children will then be invited onto the bed to bless the couple with fertility. Red dates, lotus seed, peanuts and other fruits as an omen of fertility and good luck.
Right- baby bath tub, pail, washbasin, mug and spittoons in red known as 'buckets of off-spring' to bless the couple with many children!

A male child was was asked to tear the red paper to retrieve an 'angpow'.

Left- a sweet dessert (lotus seed, dried longan, red dates and rice balls) was served to wish the couple a sweet harmonious marriage.  Right- the worship of deities and heaven and earth..

A  pair of bedside lamps. Lamp(deng) has similar sound as son(ding). Hence lighting the lamp, symbolic of adding sons to the family. Right- chinese teacup set for tea ceremony.

Red is regarded as auspicious colour.

Left- the worship of ancestor and tea ceremony. Right- fetching the bride. Enhui were geared up when the cars' horn were pressed upon arrival at the bride's home.

Left- we were greeted with this chinese wedding door games to prove the groom's love for the bride. En has been waiting for this part of the wedding.
Right- Poor men have to hold the banner up that read "Beautiful ladies, please be nice to us" and hollored  out loud.  

Bee's diaper costume with a sting to burst balloons at the gate.

Left- Enhui watching the negotiation between the 'brothers' and the 'sisters'.
Right- poor but still happy groom has to pen down a marriage contract which promises the bride 's good marriage life, like 'He has to do all house chores, bring the bride for a holiday at least once a year, etc '.  WOW!

Left- flower girls (enhui were two of them) and page boy following the couple to the bridal chamber.
Right- Enhui marched in, on the red carpet and scattered rose petals in front of the gathering adults, at the wedding dinner @The Gardens Hotel.

Lovely flower basket with rose petal. Right- Hui rehearsed the march-in on her own. :)

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