Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Payless book sale 4 November 2010

The stack of RM3(each) and RM5(each) books I bought from Payless at Wisma Atria.  Register for payless book sale notification

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Jack Ng said...

I say, decent books in Malaysia is rather expensive, if one were to buy from the bookstores. Dumb-down books (read : locally publish, highly truncated version of famous stories) are cheaper but they are not much of use when the illustration is boring and the story is truncated so much that the original story is lost and it can;t hold the attention of a toddler.

So to buy good books, we have to resort to buying used books like the good people in Payless is providing. Or book sales or expo, where there will be great discount. That will stretch our ringgit. And finally, we (and relatives) are members of a few public libraries in Klang valley, and we visit and borrow religiously. Thank goodness for that.

That's our way of making sure that there are enough reading material in the house at any one time, to fuel their life, in general.