Thursday, November 4, 2010

Road Layout 1 November 2010

En was reluctant to let her sis joined in the project. She told me, Hui will scribble on it. I replied  'You are concern Hui will scribble on it. Discuss with her'.

En tactfully asked her sis, "Would you like to paint on an art paper?(trying to entice Hui away from the project) " Hui happily answered "Yay"
So, the beginning part was a bliss. En painted on the road-layout cardboard while Hui on the art paper.

When Hui finished, she asked "May I paint too?"
En  : "Do you want another piece of art paper or I hold your hand to paint if you want to join?"
Hui :  I want to paint on my own. *sob sob* (using crying tactic)

En  :  You must follow my instruction on the colour, okay?
Hui : Okay.

Both painted together and Hui followed the colour that En wanted.
En gave me a small patch to paint. I painted some green grass.
A short moment later, Hui asked me, "May I paint on your side too?"

Me : Yes, come on.

En : Hui, okay you paint this side (giving her a corner patch) and you can paint anything you like.

All busy painting.  En broke the silence and asked her sister " Are you happy painting?"
Hui : Yes
En: Yes, it 's a happy painting day.

 It's a simple acknowledged-helped En deal with her feeling.  She has learnt to let go that little toddler Hui would scribble and simply enjoy painting together.

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Jack Ng said...

Marvelous project. I like it a lot.