Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Waterfall @FRIM 30 October 2010

Saturday 10am
I wish to return to the waterfall that we came across when we climbed down from the canopy walk.
Enter from D5. Easy stroll which took about 40 minutes. You will pass by the canopy walkway entrance on your right. Don't turn right unless you wish to go to the canopy. Keep going straight.
Till you arrive at this sign (left) and the waterfall is on your right. It's just an ordinary waterfall but it's quieter compare to the common picnic area waterfall.

Left- two women were meditating further up by the rocks. Right- dad showed the door that was lifted up for the water to flow down.
my feet and en's - so cooling and refreshing. ooh
these are hui 's feet. :)

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Jack Ng said...

This time, I was prepared mentally. I loosen up. I carried Hui half the way up and down the trek, but I felt totally at ease with them.

I like the forest, the hike was fun.