Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunrise @Broga Hill, Semenyih 17 November 2010

I was indecisive if I should hike with enhui only, as dad had a last minute business travel plan. After much thought, I went ahead with the reason of 'delivering a promise'.  

Direction - From LDP PJ, head towards Putrajaya/Seremban. Pay RM1.60 toll and follow Kajang/Semenyih signage. Reach Sg Ramal toll, RM1. Go straight. Another RM1 Bukit Kajang toll. Keep left after toll and take the left exit to Jalan Semenyih. Shortly after the exit, you will come to a traffic light where you need to turn right toward Semenyih town. Look for "Simpang ke Broga 500m" signage on the left. Go straight till you reach the rabbit farm and park your vechicle.  

Left- the rabbit farm. Right- we hike from 540am and reached peak 1 at approx 635am. You won't be the only soul, as there is always a crowd of people hiking up and down. I am thankful of that.

En played with 'lalang' while Hui ate her muesli bar, awaiting sunrise. Hui wasn't afraid of hiking in the dark and trekked all the way up on her own, with minimal help from me. I only need to lift her up at some steep slope and manage to survive with just 3 pumps of ventolin inhaler. On the return leg, at steep area, I put her on my lap, climbed down in a sitting position and moved with my hands. After the strenuous movement, I got terrible muscle pain all over my body the very next day.   

Sunrise ! We didn't see huge round sun till much later. Earlier, it was partly cloudy, I guess.

En made 'lalang' broom. She hike independantly with her friend but fell down occasionally. She didn't fall at her first Broga hike, so I guess it must be due to the sandal she wore. 

  It was uplifting, being at the peak & let's go again.


Chandrika Fern said...

Great! You saw the sunrise and you hike up at 5:40am with the 2 girls alone! Salute!

Ng Shannon said...

I salute you more. Once a month trip despite busy schooling. :)