Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FRIM - Engkabang G6 & Musuem 4 July 2010

FRIMSunday 9am.
We supposed to meet aunty Lynn.. but it was wet morning.. nevertheless it didn't deter us from going..

Left- Malacca kampung house. Right- Lovely asystasia

Blaze the Engkabang trail..

Some of the green sights..

More green sights..

Left- Funghi. Right- eeyyaakk muddy slippery slimy puddle.. and En didn't want to go further with her muddy feet..

Left- the water is crystal clear and cooling..

FRIM Musuem
There are two floors with lots of exhibits made of wood. Free admission. This time around, Hui requested to go in the gallery.

Some exhibits on the ground floor.
Left- Visiting hours *click to enlarge  Right- Loom and spindle.
Left- Wooden boat.
Left-Refrigerator ! Right- Birds birds, my love.

Some upper floor exhibits.
Right- A model of Pulp & paper mill

FRIM publication on sale.
Left- Biotechnology in floriculture( remind me of my vitro-orchid ) Right- Wood composite pilot plant

Left- Fire door test.  Right- All sorts of woods.
Left- Different soils.  Right- Charcoal from bamboo.

There is a library next to the musuem.

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Jack Ng said...

i thought this is a pretty cool place. a lot to explore and experience for the children as well as adults. i look forward to spending more time there.